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Ready-For-You™ (RFY) Services

Ready-For-You™ was designed with businesses and their clientele in mind. During the initial cultivation of the product, the question that the Ready-For-You™ team asked themselves was, “how do we facilitate the best possible communication, and thus relationship, between these businesses and their customers?” …The resulting technology, and its user friendly applications, became Ready-For-You™.

In today’s ever changing world, communication and information sharing technology has shifted into real time, with the global emergence of internet, cellular phones and other handheld devices. Ready-For-You™ is the marriage of online based, real time updating from your business, to the customer’s cell phone or handheld. They receive a text and/or email that lets them know- “we’re ready for you”. Information is stored in a database, and the costumer’s experience with your business gets better with every visit. Ready-For-You™ is proven to be a dynamic and unique resource, serving Restaurants, Hotels , Resorts, and Medical Practices. It doesn’t stop there! Ready-For-You™ can benefit virtually any business, and of course, their customers.

The Ready-For-You™ team will custom tailor a system that will best serve your company. We will be happy to answer all of your questions and serve all of your needs. Call one of our agents today!

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