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About Ready-For-You™ (RFY)

The method known as Ready-For-You™ became patent pending in 2010.

Our vision was to provide businesses and their customers alike with an experience enhancing, “real time” optimized communication resource. The solution that we created is the online based, user friendly platform, Ready-For-You™. With Ready-For-You™, information is exchanged via interactive text messaging, from a computer of the given business to the client. The Ready-For-You™ applications are tailored to be industry specific, including appointment reminders, coupons, paging, and notifications of any kind that the business deems applicable. Any business, from restaurants to healthcare and beyond, will benefit greatly from using Ready-For-You™.

During the Ready-For-You™ alpha and beta testing phases, many people were able to experience Ready-For-You™ first hand. The subsequent reviews were greatly encouraging, thus confirming that Ready-For-You™ is a viable resource for businesses to improve their customer service and provide the best overall experience for their clientele.  In addition, we are constantly working to add new features, streamline existing features and continually improve the Ready-For-You™ system!

Ready-For-You™ is launching their United States campaign in the Fall 2011. The Ready-For-You™ team consists of hard working and dynamic individuals that are pioneers and experts in their field. Ready-For-You, LLC is a growing and exciting company that is truly strengthening the relationship between companies and their clientele- try our product free for 30 days and see what Ready-For-You™ can do for your business!

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